Outreach Activities at Ratanak Kiri

We presented the role and responsibilities of the LDC to students, organized by the Legal Documentation Centre relating to the ECCC (LDC) and sponsored by the Government and the people of Japan, aims to provide insights into the proceedings of the Khmer Rouge tribunal in the trial of former senior leaders. And those responsible for the most serious crimes during the Khmer Rouge regime, as well as learning more about the history of Democratic Kampuchea and mainstreaming the core works of the Legal Documentation Centre (LDC), which preserves the ECCC's legacy for advantages to the public. We protected by the principals of the government to keep spacing from one person to another and 3 mains protection. Sponsored by: The Government and the people of Japan.

Legal Foundations




បទបង្ហាញពី ម.ត.ឯ.ច.

សកម្មភាពការងាររបស់ ម.ត.ឯ.ច.(LDC)

អំពី ម.ត.ឯ.ច.